About Us

Founded in 2018 and launched in 2019, Locally Approved was created in order to support communities by encouraging them to use local services and boost their area economy.

Our aim as a business is to instil reassurance into each customer that uses our platform by ensuring that we interview each business one on one, as well as ensure that each business has:

  • Insurance
  • Qualifications
  • Associations
  • Awards
  • Reviews
  • Experience

When we are completely confident that each business meets our very high, exacting standards, we then list them on Locally Approved.

With Locally Approved, finding a service in your area has never been easier. In order to keep it simple, we created three different ways to search. You can search for:

  • An individual service
  • Company name/number
  • Browse all categories

In order to make Locally Approved accessible for businesses of all sizes, we opted to have a fair and affordable joining fee in order to use the site as an advertising platform, meaning everybody can join. We also include exclusive offers and business support to all of our members.

Whether you are a large or small company, an expert in your field or just starting, we treat everyone exactly the same. We do not run featured listings for extra costs or have a rating system to rank higher – everyone is equal, and everything is fair.

At Locally Approved, there is only ever one set price.

To keep advertising fair, we make our search results randomised, meaning no business will ever appear at the top of the list all the time. We believe that by making the search randomised, all services have a fair chance of getting work through the door. Depending on where you live, that will be the area that you cover.

For example, if you live in Clacton you can cover the whole of Tendring which is a population of around 143,000 people – that gives you a potential customer base of thousands.

By covering areas instead of miles, categories don’t become overcrowded and those who live in rural areas will have just as much chance of getting customers as those who are based in busier, more populated areas.

If you require assistance our friendly staff are always happy to help you can either email us at info@locallyapproved.com or call on 0800 254 52 52.