How to get your garden spring ready
23rd March 2019
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Spring is here and the cold winter is becoming nothing but a memory for another six to nine months. 


For those who like to get outdoors as much as possible during the warmer months, it’s time to make your garden ready to become your own personal paradise once again, and setting your space up for spring is as easy as the following few steps.


1. Firstly, start indoors

Start indoors for your outdoor garden? We promise you, we aren’t going mad…


For those who keep houseplants, give them a good once over and check if they need to be kept in pots, or can be transferred over to your outdoor space; some plants and flowers that start life inside your home often become some of the most beautiful plants in your garden.


2. Check your bulbs and seeds

Spring may have sprung but that doesn’t mean you can just put any seeds or bulbs outside and they will flower and grow – a lot need the warmer summer months so always counter-check what your planting with the instructions on the packet. 


Make a labelled box that will make it easy for you to plant the seeds at the right time, with the ones that can be planted soonest at the front. 


Good seeds and plants for spring include: 

✿  Crocus

✿  Tulip

✿  Daffodil

✿  Hyacinth

✿  Bluebell


3. Tidy up

Tidying up is one of the most important jobs of getting your garden spring ready – with the winter often comes wind and you might find a whole manner of things have blown into your garden.


Get rid of any rubbish and debris, whilst tidying up your borders and cutting back the dead growth on your plants and flowers. If you have a compost bin, put whatever you’ve collected into there and allow it to break down.


Remember – keep your weed waste separate from your compost bin or the seeds will germinate and mean you can’t reuse the compost once it is ready.


4. Check your fences 

Spring is a time when the winter rain starts to fizzle out, making it a great time to check your fences, trellis, sheds and gates for any wear that needs maintenance.


Get the stain out, replace broken panels and make your woodwork ship shape.

5. Give your tools a clean

Your garden tools have probably been sitting around looking quite lonely over the winter months, so give them a good MOT and pull them out, wash them with soap and water and if you want to really look after them, add some mineral oil to the wooden handles.


Looking after that you already have will make them last as long as possible for many spring seasons to come.


6. Plan, plan and plan some more

If you have certain plants in different areas of your garden, take note and plan of what will need more attention and when.


If you are starting off with a whole new planting schedule, choose seeds, bulbs and plants that are more suited to your garden. Your local gardener or garden centre are a great port of call for help when it comes to planning your garden.


7. Look after your soil

Pull out the pitch fork and start to turn over your soil – this is the foundation of your garden, after all!


Turn over all of your soil and give it a good shake up to get it in prime condition for the spring, summer and autumn months. 


If you want a little bit of help when it comes to getting your garden spring ready, we have a variety of gardeners available on Locally Approved who offer all services, big or small – all you have to do is get in touch with one of our personally vetted and approved providers!