How to boost your business locally
18th October 2019

Is it time to boost your business locally?

Locally Approved was set up to support local businesses providing as much advertising and exposure for them as possible for an affordable yearly fee. Our aim at Locally Approved is to instil reassurance into each customer that uses our platform in that all our members have had background checks before joining.

Benefits of joining Locally Approved include:

  • Accreditation, certificate and vehicle/shop signage
  • Microsite (business page) displaying all your business details in a simple to understand format
  • Digital and traditional marketing campaigns to help increase your exposure
  • Access to our member's benefits including FSB discount
  • Backlink to your website helping to drive traffic
  • Receive a text alert when you receive "request a callback" or "email member" messages from a customer
  • Opportunity to be in our 5,000 copy seasonal booklet 
  • Help with apprenticeship and work placement schemes
  • We provide an 0800 number for elderly people helping them to find the right service

We believe in fairness 

To keep advertising fair, we make our search results randomised, meaning no business will ever appear at the top of the list all the time. We believe that by making the search randomised, all services have a fair chance of getting work. By covering areas instead of miles, categories don’t become overcrowded and those who live in rural areas will have just as much chance of getting customers as those who are based in busier, more populated areas.

Climbing high!

Over the last 3 month period, we have experienced website impressions of 64,500, and this is still climbing our recent facebook campaign got a reach of 36,706!

Our price 

We currently charge £199.99 per year but are offering £50 off with code: FB17. Bringing the price to only £149.99!