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I am a Cost Reduction Specialist and I help people to shrink their bills, that is energy, telephony, mobile and business water and credit card payment services.

I also look after a team of other people doing the same thing and offer part time flexible hours to them.

I am looking for more team members if you are interested and you do not need to be an expert, just friendly, helpful and have 2-3 hours free each week - or more.

Based in Brightlingsea, I visit businesses and homes within a 30 mile radius, but also assist over the telephone throughout the UK. I look for duplication and error and, after asking some questions about lifestyle and preferences, assist you in selecting the right tariffs and contracts to fit your purpose.

I offer a dispute resolution service to people who have a problem with their current supplier. I also offer employees a free review – sometimes their savings can be better than a pay rise! I am regulated by Ofcom and Ofgem – which means no cold calling, no unsociable hours and your details are safe with me.

If you were thinking of switching services, what would be the most important thing? Would it be service, cost, broadband speed, or something else? Give me a call and see if I can shrink YOUR bills. Pamela Hatswell - The Shrink

For domestic or business customers:- Telephony - line and broadband and mobile handsets and tariffs Energy - gas and electricity Business Water My bill checking service is free. My dispute resolution work does have a fee, depending on the time we spend sorting out your problem. Putting you in control of how much your bills will be each month, I believe this gives you peace of mind.

Most people do not spend time on their bills but have to spend money on their bills. Having an expert in the utility field sort through the confusing information (or lack of information on their bills) and point them in the right direction gives peace of mind and hopefully cheaper bills. What is right for you? for your home? or your business? or even your employees? Everyone has different needs, but it seems the offers are all the same. Some of you will need a bit more help and others just need a nudge to make sure they do not miss out on something that will help them save on their bills. Whatever suits, you can be sure that a free review will be a benefit.