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Thanks to Shrink Our Bills, we are now on our way to reducing our monthly outgoings, upgrading our shop communications with the addition of a work mobile phone and have since had continued help and support from them. Shrink Our Bills was brilliant, with a phone call we set up a time to meet her at our convenience at work, they asked us about what our needs were for our business, what our current situation was with our utilities etc, and then and there was able to cancel the old contracts that weren’t working for us, and find the best available deals on the market. We are now making a saving each month, which can go towards improving our shop.

It was so easy and convenient, Shrink Our Bills went through the process step by step explaining all the details and answering any questions we had. There was no pressure to sign up to anything or any selling of extras we didn’t want or need, she just focused on what we wanted and how best to help find something to suit us. And most amazingly of all, it was free, we didn’t need to pay a penny!

I would recommend Shrink Our Bills 100% to help with reducing monthly bill spending. We are now arraigning for them to help with our household bills and spreading the word to our customers.

A huge thank you, Shrink Our Bills for all your help and guidance

Jaywick Pet Shop